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“just be you” Last week I photographed the amazing Katie for the second time. She is 12 years old and suffers with Apert syndrome which is a genetic disorder characterized by the premature fusion of certain skull bones. Watching Katie through my lens, running around with her dog Megan, sheep Nero and pigs, I had to hold back my tears. It made me realise that in life we complain and moan about so much and sometimes don’t appreciate what we have right in front of us. Katie looks at life with so much happiness, nothing is too much. She has a smile that would brighten up the world and a laugh that I wish I could bottle and keep forever. Writing this brings tears to my eyes. Life brings us challenges, some people break down and crumble, others defeat everything that’s in front of them with a massive smile - like Katie. Chatting to her, I asked her who her best friend was. Her reply, Megan her dog and Nero the sheep. They share the most incredible bond, one like I’ve never see between a child and an animal. The love is so clear to see, the animals are so gentle and loving towards her its incredible to watch . Despite having to force her out of her farm trousers and top and get her to brush her hair she is like any other 12 year old girl, well, apart from having a pet sheep, loads of pigs, chickens, turkeys and a horse as her best friends. What moved me the most was Katie’s choice of outfit, her top had a message on that couldn’t be more appropriate for this inspirational little girl – “Just be you.” Katie’s mum is called Jan, she is one hell of a hero. A angel sent from heaven to live on a farm and look after their amazing children. She has 2 birth children, Harry and Joe and has adopted 3 children jack, Jacob and Katie. She has also fostered 43 children. Her whole family are so welcoming, full of smile and always help each other out. I left that day with a big smile on my face… and wanting a pet sheep. Days like the one I spent with Katie give me that warm feeling inside that I can’t help but show on the outside. I appreciate my family and love everything around me so much more. Katie you are amazing, and I hope to know you forever, maybe even be added to your best friend list, watch you grow into a woman and live a life full of happiness and animals…. Jan - you truly are an amazing woman. A true inspiration. If I can become half the person you are, I will be happy.

family shoots at this time of year are just beautiful, just like the family i captured <3

tiny week old teddie - and what a charmer he was, so so perfect. The most perfect skin, so silky. 

The Amazing Amelia and her bunny - loved this shoot we played hide and seek. Love how kids think you cant see them when there eyes are covered. She brought along her bunny and it went everywhere with her <3

i love bump shoots, such a great memory to capture forever <3

i love bump shoots, such a great memory to capture forever <3

i love a large family shoot, so much love to capture <3

Pippa Langhorne and Buddy (Britains got talent 2011)

A mothers day shoot - what better than a gift you can cherish forever … Photos !!

The sammons family <3